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Welcome to Blitzgraphics
Welcome to a brand new blitzgraphics. The layout has been changed completely, and I have decided to take on two more people for this graphics community-exorcize, and albionete. Treat them with respect, and most importantly, respect their work, just as you're expected to respect my work as well as electricfizz's work. As usual, we do have a set of rules for this community, however things will be much different. This community is under a moderated status, in order to prevent stealing or anyone claiming the work to be their own. There has been an increase in graphics stealing, and I won't tolerate people who don't follow the rules.
I. CREDIT: Either credit our usernames, or blitzgraphics. Credit is mandatory, so please do it. It only takes two seconds, and it's better than being labeled a theif for stealing.

II. JOIN. You will go through a moderation process, in which you have to be approved by either of us. We check to see if you have credit on your icons, among other things. It's not a BIG deal if you have one or two uncredited-I understand that it would be hard to find the original maker of that icon, especially when it's an old icon. But if you have more than one uncredited, that would spark some warning bells for either of us. The same thing goes for other graphics as well.

III. DO NOT: Use these icons/graphics for xanga or myspace. If you want a certain icon for these two sites, then you can ask about them through requests. But do not use these graphics in these places. Use them at either lj or gj.

IV. DO NOT: Hotlink. Hotlinking is when you take the direct url of the icon and paste it in comments or the userpics upload, just to use it. Hotlinking is bad, and it's very disrespectful. Please save the graphics on your OWN server. It wouldn't take up that much space at all.

V. Comments are appreciated. It lets us know how much you appreciate our work. No, we won't shoot you for not commenting. But in either case, it's encouraging.

VI. Lastly, enjoy our work! :]
This is where you can find our resources for this community for your own personal references.


If there are any questions or problems, please contact us via mail, aim, or msn. DO NOT comment on our personal journals for any reason. We need our privacy as well, so do the right thing and contact us outside of LJ. Profile layout is from reversescollide. Layout codes from gigiicons, and was tweaked by sanctions. The layout features Cammy of Street Fighter. I don't remember the site I got this picture from but I do know it's from the Udon comics and I claim no ownership to it.

We have brand new buttons for the community!
DO NOT hotlink these. Save them to your own server!